Tall Ships Race 2021

Mariehamn is located in the heart of the Baltic Sea with two sheltered harbours. The four-masted steel barque Pommern is a beautiful reminder of when the town was the home port of the world´s largest fleet of sailing ships.

Mariehamn is the only town within the Åland region. We have had the honor and privilege to host tall ships on four different events during the late 1980's and the early 2000's. Only one time as host and start port, Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race 1988.

Our application to be host port for 2021 is based on a close partnership between the Town of Mariehamn, the Government of Åland and the Åland Yacht Club. Mariehamn will be the contractual partner and main part. The Åland Yacht Club will produce the event and will work in close collaboration with the Port of Mariehamn and other authorities, the sponsors and the abundance of motivated and engaged local groups and networks to fulfil the STI commitments.

Involvement with sail training for young people

Åland is a maritime community in every possible sense; culturally, geographically and economically. We have a longterm commitment in improving the knowledge about and interest in the local maritime heritage and in sailing in particular. As soon as we started our bidding process we gathered people to a workshop designed to find and start at least five different projects involving young people. The delegates in this workshop came from all parts of the community. Our sitting resulted in many ideas for projects that would lead up to a life changing experience on board a tall ship no later than 2021. All ideas ready to activate but with one or a few vital parts still in progress. In addition to these projects, all sponsor deals will include a trainee, or several.

The Town of Mariehamn guarantee that at least 50 trainees will board on Tall Ships Races between 2018-2021.

Port facilities and mooring plan

Port of Mariehamn is one of Finland’s three largest ports for passenger vessels, and regarding number of international cruise ship calls the Port of Mariehamn is the second largest in Finland. The cozy and small town center is just a short walk away and it offers more than 70 shops and over 20 restaurants as well as beaches, great sights an local attractions.

When providing the mooring plan for Tall Ships Race 2021 we will consider a lot of factors such as: length, depths and freeboard, requests from the ships captains, rig construction (double berthing), requests on day-sailing, open deck and deck events and we will try to mix nationalities of the fleet. We will also take into account the sail-parade and the availability of the number of pilots. This mooring plan (click to view as pdf) is made based upon the fleet as seen in Turku during TSR 2017. When we have submitted the application for the Tall Ships Race 2021 it will be published here as well.

We wish to welcome the TSR fleet to Mariehamn, a memorable, inspiring and unique setting where history and heritage are made visible by eager minds and energetic missions.

For more information please contact
Marie Rosenqvist
Project Manager, TSR 2021 Bid Committee
+358 (0)18 5310 (switchboard)

Tall Ships Races 1988 and 2000 in Mariehamn
(documentary in Swedish)

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