Tall Ships Race 2021

The Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn 22-25 July 2021 will be produced by the the Åland Yacht Club in a close partnership with the Town of Mariehamn.

Mariehamn, the only town within the Åland region, is located in the heart of the Baltic Sea with two sheltered harbours. Pommern, the four-masted steel barque, is a beautiful reminder of when the town was the home port of the world´s largest fleet of sailing ships.

The Town of Mariehamn is the contractual partner and main part for the Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn. The Åland Yacht Club will produce the event in close collaboration with the Port of Mariehamn and other authorities, the sponsors and the abundance of motivated and engaged local groups and networks to fulfil the Sail Training International commitments.

We wish to welcome the TSR fleet and all visitors to Mariehamn, a memorable, inspiring and unique setting where history and heritage are made visible by enthusiastic local and international support.

For more information please contact
Terese Flöjt
Head of Information, Town of Mariehamn
Phone +358 (0)18 5310 (switchboard)

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Documentary in Swedish about the Tall Ships Races 1988 and 2000 in Mariehamn (open in new window)

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